Truck Accident

Truck Accident Cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

truck accidentHave you been involved in an auto accident with a truck, tractor trailer, 18 wheeler, or semi truck?

Trucking accidents account for a high percentage of fatal vehicle accidents. Common causes of trucking accidents include driver fatigue, jackknifing, rollovers, inexperience, failure to properly inspect trucks, tailgating or improperly loaded trucks.

It is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately as many cases require the use of accident re- constructionists or bio-mechanists to determine liability and the cause of the injuries suffered by the victim. This investigation often requires that the truck be examined as well as the site of the accident before there are any modifications of the site or repair of the truck.

Contact Brian Cunha and Associates if you or a loved one has suffered from a serious personal injury from a truck accident and you need the help of an experienced Rhode Island or Massachusetts personal injury attorney.