2/10/20  $45,136.94 Settlement – Auto Accident – Barrington Rhode Island

In Mid-December, 2017, the Plaintiff  was the seat-belted operator of his motor vehicle and traveling on County Road in Barrington Rhode Island, when another vehicle attempting to exit a parking lot to take a right hand turn Southbound onto County Road collided with his vehicle.  The impact was such that Vincent’s vehicle skidded, spun completely around, went over the curb, struck and drove through a bus shelter structure before finally coming to rest against a wooden utility pole, causing it to crack. Vincent suffered with daily headaches, forgetfulness, interrupted sleep and neck pain radiating down to bilateral upper extremities.  He was diagnosed with a pinched nerve, cervical neuropathy and post-concussion syndrome.   The Plaintiff retained Attorney Nelia DeStefano from the Law Offices of Brian Cunha & Associates and  settled the case for a favorable amount.