1/15/20 $110,000.00 Settlement- Auto Accident – Westport MA.

In February, 2017, the Plaintiff was traveling on Charlotte White Road in Westport, Massachusetts and was stopped behind a vehicle waiting to make a left hand turn.  She had her right foot firmly pressed on the brake and was at a complete stop when her vehicle was suddenly rear-ended by a transport van owned by Whaling City Transit, Inc.

The vehicle sustained moderate rear-end damage, was towed from the scene and was ultimately deemed a total loss.  The force of the impact caused the Plaintiff to strike her face and upper body on the steering wheel and sustain facial injuries including a broken nose for which she underwent surgical correction.  Following the collision, she developed significant right knee pain and distal leg pain, ultimately requiring surgery to repair a complex tear of her medial meniscus after failing conservative treatment courses.  The Plaintiff retained The Law Offices of Brian Cunha & Associates and after several negotiation sessions settled the case