Bicycle Accident

Bike Accident Cases Rhode Island and Massachusetts Attorneys

bicycle car accidentBicycle accidents can result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries, especially when they involve an automobile. Lawsuits to recover damages for injuries in bicycle accidents with automobiles involve many of the same issues as any auto accident lawsuit. As with other vehicle accidents, liability for bike accident injuries often comes down to negligence – particularly whether the automobile driver's negligence or inattentiveness while operating his or her vehicle caused the cyclist's injuries, and whether any negligence by the cyclist caused or contributed to the cause of the accident.

Bicycling has become extremely popular in the United States, and it is a convenient and inexpensive method of travel. However, bicyclists are virtually unprotected while on their bikes. Often motor vehicle drivers do not respect the bicyclists' rights to share the roads and frequently cyclists have not been properly educated on how to legally and safely share the roads with automobiles.

  • Every six hours a bicyclist is fatally injured
  • Forty-nine percent of all bicyclist deaths occur to children age 16 or younger
  • Each year, nearly one million children are treated for bicycle-related injuries in hospital emergency rooms
  • One in seven children suffers head injuries in bicycle-related accidents
  • Only about ten percent of bike crashes are reported
  • Head injuries account for about 75% of all serious injuries and fatalities from bicycle accidents
  • Although collisions with cars account for only 1/3rd of all bicycle accidents, they account for the majority of catastrophic injuries and deaths.

Other types of negligence, such as product liability, defective products and negligent manufacturing or assembly, which can also cause serious bicycle accidents and injuries, too.

It is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately as many cases require the use of accident re- constructionists or bio-mechanists to determine liability and the cause of the injuries suffered by the victim. This investigation often requires that the truck be examined as well as the site of the accident before there are any modifications of the site or repair of the vehicle.

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