Asbestos and Mesothelioma Cases in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

AsbestosAsbestos was widely used in the United States as an insulation and fireproofing material, and many workers who installed asbestos were not warned of the dangers and did not wear protective equipment. Today, we know that asbestos exposure causes lung cancer, pleural mesothelioma, or peritoneal mesothelioma and other ailments. Mesothelioma, a specific type of cancer in the sac lining of the lungs and abdomen, and it can cause or increase your risk of developing numerous other types of cancer. Another condition that can develop due to exposure to asbestos is asbestosis. Asbestosis is a condition involving scarring of the lungs and severe breathing problems. Symptoms of asbestosis may take decades to become noticeable and then worsen over time.

The inhalation of asbestos fibers over a period of time can lead to symptoms such as:

  • Frequent and severe shortness of breath
  • Coughing and chest pain
  • Reduced ability to engage in physical activity

For victims of asbestos cancer and asbestosis the costs of care, medication and ongoing treatment to prevent the disease from getting worse can be very high.

If you or a loved one suffers from asbestosis and asbestos-related cancers or other serious diseases caused by inhaling and ingesting asbestos fibers and dust in Rhode Island or Massachusetts contact Brian Cunha & Associates today.